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Hotfix January / 16 / 2007

*** Frostfell ***

- Frostfell is now officially over!

- If you logged out in any of the Frostfell zones, you will log back in to either your home town or the docks at Thundering Steppes (where there are several convenient transportation options).

- You will retain your Frostfell recipes and materials for the next time the Frostfell crafting stations make their return!

- Any unfinished Frostfell quests you may have had have been cleared from your quest journal.
2007年01月12日 (金) 17:38 | 編集
Hotfix January / 11 / 2007

*** Gameplay ***

- Wuoshi will now only give out a single Tunarian Wolfsbane, rest assured that there are still other sources of Wolfsbane in the world.

- Some cases where Sariah the Bloomseeker would not drop a chest have been fixed.

- The Mark of the Awakened trial zone no longer drops items from the global spell list.

- Objects and NPCs should now display faster once they are in visual range.

- A server stability issue that was mostly affecting international servers has been resolved.

*** Quests ***

- Citizens of Kelethin are now able to get the quest ?Return to Murrar?.

- Players that could not receive the Final Report quest from Yonar the Dromunculus due to Kelethin citizneship can now do so.

*** PVP ***

- Blackmarket Fences on PvP servers will no longer go on "vacations" for extended periods of time.
2007年01月06日 (土) 16:54 | 編集
Hotfix January / 05 / 2007

*** Gameplay ***

NPCs should render faster in many cases.

The named epic encounters within the Inner Sanctum should now be dropping their proper set armor pieces.
2007年01月05日 (金) 10:25 | 編集
Hotfix January / 04 / 2007

*** UI ***

The Windows key blocker will no longer occasionally disable itself over time.

*** Quests ***

You should now be able to complete the Blade of the Fae quest after you failed the final fight for the first time.
2006年12月23日 (土) 13:36 | 編集
Hotfix December / 22 / 2006

*** Frostfell ***

- It should be a lot harder to get stuck coming out of the Magic Closet into the Frostfell Wonderland Village.
- Fixed a client crash when using the achievement respec vendor.
- In the spirit of Frostfell giving, we'd like to announce that there's a 20% added Experience Bonus in play until the new year! Adventurers and Artisans alike, from levels 1 to 60, will be gaining this special holiday bonus automatically. Happy Frostfell!

*** Gameplay ***

- Epic encounters should once again properly target their spells.
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