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Update Notes : 9/01/2006 7:00 AM

*** Trial of the Isle Changes ***

The Trial of the Isle is a free demo of EverQuest II that gives players a chance to try out the game. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous individuals have been using the Trial to perform actions that break the End User License Agreement, such as spamming legitimate players.

In order to prevent many of these abuses, Trial accounts now have certain limitations placed upon their ability to interact with other players. These limitations go away when the Trial player subscribes to the game.

Trial of the Isle players:

- Cannot send /tells to players on other servers or games

- Must be on someone's friends list in order to send /tells to them

- Cannot trade with other players

- Cannot be invited into guilds

- Cannot create a guild or assist in the creation of a guild

- Cannot purchase items from the broker or from consignment vendors

- Cannot list items for sale on the broker

- Cannot send or receive in-game mail

- Cannot talk in server-wide chat channels (level channels, class channels, etc.)

*** User Interface ***

- There is now a Report Spam button in the mail window. Using this button will delete the message, any attachments it has, and will report it to Customer Service for investigation.
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