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Update Notes
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Update Notes: February 18, 2005 2/18/2005 6:00 AM

*** Traits, Traditions, Tactics, and Training ***

- We are now allowing characters ONE CHANCE to reselect their Traits, Traditions, Tactics, and Training options.
- If you have previously chosen Traits, Traditions, Tactics, and Training, you can reset your selections and make new choices by typing the "/respec" command. This will remove all previous choices from your Knowledge Book and will place a blinking "+" sign in the lower right corner of your screen.
- Clicking the "+" sign will open the selection window and allow you to pick new Traits, Traditions, Tactics, and Training.
- You may receive your selections in a different order this time. Class-dependent choices (like Tactics) will be presented after the others. Characters who gain these abilities as they level up normally will get them in the normal order.


- While you can issue the "/respec" command at any time, once you will not be able to receive quest rewards until you make all pending choices available to you.
- You do not need to use the /respec command immediately. It can be used at a later date.
- Please be aware that you can only use the /respec command ONCE. Make your choices carefully.

*** Gameplay ***

- The Power pools for Bards and Crusaders should once again be affected by Agility and Strength, respectively.
- Using the /respec command will now remove the visible effects of any Traits, Traditions, Training, and Tactics choices you had previously made.
- You will now receive an on-screen message if you have equipped an item that needs to be attuned.
- The rarity of harvestable items will now vary based on level range. Rare components in level 30 and under zones should be slightly more common.
- Trapping now provides meat 25% of the time and pelts 75% of the time. Previously those percentages were reversed.
- King Drayek now has abilities and treasure on par with other epic encounters of his royal stature.
- The Sullon Mines and the Tallon Hording Halls are once again available.
- There should now only be one sabotage target available in a zone at any given time. Would-be saboteurs need to keep their eyes open.
- Insight and Scintillating Aura once again apply their affects every 6 seconds instead of every 30.
- Swapping an empty bag with a full one in your inventory should no longer seem to destroy the empty bag.
- The keyboard layout will now default to whichever language you have set in your operating system.
- Equipment that is flagged as No Trade should no longer need to be attuned.

- The EverQuest II Team
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