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Update Notes
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Update Notes:March 10, 2005 3/10/2005 4:00 AM

*** Gameplay ***

- Quests will no longer grey out. The lowest con level for all quests is now green.
- The level of the Maid for the Mist quest series should now be set correctly.
- The run from the docks of Thundering Steppes to Antonica should once again be safe.
- Anyone finishing the new "Protect the Priests Ship!" quest will now be able to zone to the Feerrott via the bell in the Thundering Steppes or by purchasing a ticket from the harbormasters.
- Items that grant power or health regeneration will add the amount of power or health listed rather than apply it as a percentage. For example:
- Prismatic weapons should replenish 12 power per tick.
- Golden Efreeti boots should replenish 20 power per tick.
- Robe of the Invoker should replenish 20 power per tick.
- Kiteshield of the King should replenish 24 power per tick.
- Prismatic weapons had their base damage increased to be comparable to other raid-dropped weapons.
- The Footman's Buckler was set to No Value to match other class quest rewards on the Isle of Refuge.
- Worn Treasure Hunter's Knife is a dagger once again.

*** Mentoring ***

- Attuned items worn by the Mentor will now show their names in purple and have a purple icon background to indicate that the item has been scaled down in effective level.
- Permanent effects (such as procs) on equipment will now be disabled while the wearer is Mentoring someone.

*** Optional Voiceover ***

- Another 25MB of new City Ecology VO is now available for download.
- To enable optional downloads, run EverQuest II and click "Download Options" on the launchpad. Select the optional audio packs you would like to download and click the "Save Changes" button.

- The EverQuest II Team
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