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Update Notes: April 26, 2005 4/26/2005 4:00 AM

*** Splitpaw and Runnyeye Servers ***

Splitpaw and Runnyeye, our two English-language European servers, are now being updated on a schedule that should cause fewer interruptions in the playtime of our European customers. Because of this change, characters on Splitpaw and Runnyeye will no longer be shown on the character select screen for the US servers.

To access characters that exist on Splitpaw and Runnyeye, run EverQuest II. On the first Launchpad screen showing the End User License Agreement, click the dropdown menu in the lower-left corner of the window and set the Region Select to English [EU]. When a window opens asking you to confirm this change, click the Okay button.

To play characters on the US English servers, set the Region Select back to English [US]. Please note that switching back and forth may require a substantial amount of downloading, so we recommend that you avoid frequent switches.

*** Epic Encounters ***

- Certain level 50+ epic boss mobs have been given melee skill enhancements that increase their chances of hitting players with autoattack damage.

- Epic raid mobs that were not providing status points to guilded players who defeated them should now be doing so. See the notes for Live Update #7 for details.

*** Zones and Population ***

- Goblin invaders on the Isle of Refuge are once again picking fights with the guards.

*** Quests ***

- Grimble Blumblex and Krizk Bonebraka are now looking for bitter blooms instead of acrid blooms.

- Leg Biters in the Thundering Steppes are no longer quite as tenacious.

- Quests given by Gretchen Spiritstorm and Malkin Xdavai should now update correctly.

- Mashara Tiogran's quest should now update when you reach the appropriate points of interest.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Carpenter and Sage "Favor of Innovation" events will work properly and return a rare harvest when properly countered.

*** Optional Voiceover ***

- Another 20MB of optional Combat voiceover is now available for download.

- To enable optional downloads, run EverQuest II and click "Download Options" on the launchpad. Select the optional audio packs you would like to download and click the "Save Changes" button.

- Note: This download is the final part of the 400+ MB optional voiceover update offered on February 16. If you previously downloaded the following files, you already have this optional voiceover data:





-The EverQuest II Team
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