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Update Notes
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Update Notes: June 17, 2005 6/17/2005 7:00 AM

*** Epic Encounters ***

- Contested level 50+ epic encounters have been made considerably more challenging. They have been increased in levels: x2 mobs are now level 56, x3 and x4 mobs are now level 57. They have been given a base damage increase, an auto-attack haste increase, and a special multi-target attack.

- The respawn time on contested level 50+ epic encounters now has a wider window to allow more variance on when these encounters will reappear in the world. This will allow more guilds to have an opportunity to challenge them.

*** Quests ***

- Repeatable adventure quests within Rivervale and the Orcish Wastes now have a timer that limits the number of times the quest can be taken and completed.

*** Tradeskills *** (a.k.a. Frizznik unleashed!)

- Certain tradeskill writs for Jewelers, Sages, and Weaponsmiths that had stopped working can once again be completed.

- Loose Loam will no longer function as a dye.

- Acorns can now be harvested in level 20 to 30 zones.

- Apothecary, Geomancy, Weaving, and Timbercraft recipes will now designate in their names that they use one of these secondary tradeskills. This should clear up confusion on duplicate recipe types.

- The health damage caused by many failed tradeskill events has been halved. The values used previously weren't very forgiving.

- Wash, Oil, Resin, and Tempers will now only produce pristine versions. The difference in quality is based on quantity.

- Store-bought harvest tools now carry a small skill mod to the appropriate harvesting skill.

- The spell "Torment" has been removed from tradeskill writs because it no longer exists.

- The misspelling of "tigre" has been corrected in tradeskill writs.

- The following culinary beverage recipes have changed to allow for a smoother progression.

- Jumjum Brandy changed from level 4 to 8.

- Pond Juice changed from level 4 to 5.

- Nutmeg Fizzlepop changed from level 6 to 5.

- Halasian Porter changed from level 7 to 5.

- Changed Vodka from level 16 to 15.

- Changed Orange juice from level 16 to 14.

- Changed Vanilla Fizzlepop from level 16 to 15.

- Changed Fayberry Juice from level 25 to 22.

- Changed Cinnamon Fizzlepop from level 25 to 23.

- Changed Oolong Tea from level 26 to 23.

- Changed Gin Tonic from level 23 to 26.

- Changed Gin from level 26 to 24.

- Changed Big Fayberry from level 24 to 26.

- Changed Fayberry Martinia from level 26 to 28.

- Changed Fayberry Wine from level 28 to 26.

- Changed Brown Ale from 27 to 26.

- Changed Rolled Oat Malted Milk from level 36 to 34.

- Changed Ambrosia from level 35 to 37.

- Changed Honey Liqueur from level 37 to 35.

- Changed Gnoll Bite from level 35 to 39.

- Changed Hog's Breathe Bock from level 39 to 36.

- Changed Wild Apple Wine from level 39 to 35.

- Changed Color Flux from level 44 to 49.

- Changed Absinthe from level 49 to 48.

- Changed Corn Malted Milk from level 45 to 44.

- Changed Stolen Epitaph from level 45 to 49.

- Changed Sea Foam from level 47 to 48.

- The different quality levels of Luminous Elixir now have the proper number of charges.

- The misspelling in "a pristine cloth portrait" has been corrected.

- The effect on Clouded Spirit of the Ox has been changed to be a "Spirit of Ox" effect.

- The recipe for Cracked Spire has been changed from level 4 to 5.

- The recipe for Griffin Steak has been changed from level 35 to 32.

- The recipes for Steel Vanguard Gauntlets and Feysteel Vanguard Gauntlets were asking for the incorrect type of Studs. The proper stud was being accepted though. Changed the description of the stud to be what actually is needed.

- The recipe for Briarwood Lumber will now only return one briarwood scrap at worked quality level.

- Meat can now be harvested from Commonland Dens.

- The following Carbonite Weapons will now longer be given out in writs: Harpoon, Cardiche, Hatchet, Javelin, Flail, Kukri, and Maul. Tailored Boiled Whips have been removed as well.

- Recipes have been added to create arrows from rare arrowheads.

- The recipe for Luda's Resonant Sonata has been renamed to match the name of the product, Gerard's Resonant Sonata.

- Interim culinary drink recipes now require the proper amounts of progress for the different quality levels. Some of them were higher than intended. Recipes that were affected are:

- Black Coffee

- Brandy

- Jumjum Juice

- Nutmeg Fizzlepop

- White Tea

- Antonican Coffee

- Black Tea

- Orange Cider

- Orange Juice

- Orange Wine

- Vanilla Fizzlepop

- Vodka

- Whisky

- Fayberry Juice

- Fayberry Sparkling Wine

- Gin Tonic

- Mountain Coffee

- Oolong Tea

- Tequila

- Green Tea

- Honey Fizzlepop

- Ice Coffee

- Rolled Oat Malted Milk

- Schnapps

- Wild Apple Juice

- Absinthe

- Pu-Erh Tea

- Robust Coffee

- Rum

- White Peach Juice

- Barley Malted Milk

- Wheat Malted Milk

- Cinnamon Fizzlepop

- Rye Malted Milk

- Cardamom Fizzlepop

- Corn Malted Milk

-The EverQuest II Team
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