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Update Notes
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Update Notes : 9/15/2005 7:00 AM

*** Desert of Flames ***

- Sumixum the Arena Master will now provide you with one free Arena Champion when you introduce yourself for the first time.
- Players who have betrayed their city should now be able to use the Unusual Bottle.
- An Unusual Bottle can no longer be sold to merchants.

*** Dueling ***

- Your stats will no longer temporarily be reduced after losing a duel.

*** Quests ***

- The first part of Azhar's Gauntlet in Azhar's Penitence has been toned down in difficulty.

*** Items ***

- Items will now con red instead of grey if you are not a high enough level to use them.
- Damage and mitigation numbers will no longer display as 0 if you cannot use the item.

*** Tradeskills ***

- The Spellbinder's Sconce should once again appear within homes.
- Breath of the Tyrant can now be found in level 24 Sage recipe books.
- Spiked Earth will no longer appear twice in the level 20 Sage recipe books.
- Tradeskilled food will no longer stack its stat bonus with itself.

*** Combat and Spell Changes ***

- The difficulty of orange and red con creatures has been increased.
- Experience gained from epic targets has been reduced.
- Merchants should now have the missing level 30-40 Apprentice II spell scrolls available for melee classes.

Swashbuckler changes:
- Hamstring and Disable no longer require you to be in a specific position to use them.
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