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Update Notes
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Update Notes : 9/20/2005 7:00 AM

*** Desert of Flames ***

Zones and Population
- Pounders in the Sinking Sands should now drop chest loot.

*** Desert of Flames ***

- The carpet at the Sinking Sands docks should take adventurers to Onerock Isle and the Undercity Arena after visiting those locations.

*** Gameplay ***

- Defeating single opponents with one or two up arrows will now provide an experience bonus similar to that of defeating encounters of grouped down-arrow targets.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Favor of Innovation should now award level 50 components when performing level 50+ tradeskills.

*** Spells and Combat Arts ***

- Player characters feigning death will no longer stand up and break feign if they take damage.
- Wards now generate considerably less hate for the caster.
- Dual Breed (Half Elf Racial Tradition) will now properly increase power.
- Dominate cam no longer be scribed or used by Illusionists, as it is a Coercer spell.

Berserker changes:
- Raging Blows is now named Raging Press.

Necromancer changes:
- The effects of Unliving Eyes should now show visible effects to the Necromancer's party.
- Nylph's Skeletal Regiment should once again change the Necromancer's group into skeletons.

Warlock changes:
- Hate generated by the damage produced from Nihilism will now go to the recipient of the buff.
- Netheros should now scale in level with the Warlock.
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