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Update Notes
2005年10月07日 (金) 15:50 | 編集
Update Notes : 10/6/2005 7:00 AM

*** Tradeskills ***

- We have permanently increased tradeskill experience gain at all levels by 50%.
- Level 50+ imbued shields now have the appropriate effects.

*** Desert of Flames ***

- Urzyd will use its innate abilities without being interrupted, stifled, or stunned.
- The Djinn Caretaker now awards Adept I spells instead of Master I.

*** The Gigglegibber Goblin Gamblin' Game ***

- Matching 2 numbers should now pay out winnings appropriately.
- The correct rewards for winning are as follows:
- Match 2 numbers and you win 10 silver.
- Match 3 numbers and you win 50 silver.
- Match 4 numbers and you win 2 gold 50 silver.
- Match 5 numbers and you win 25 gold.
- Match all 6 numbers and you win the jackpot!

*** Gameplay ***

- Rooted NPCs will now turn to attack nearby players.

*** Epic Encounters ***

- Spirits of the Lost no longer has a level cap of 52.

*** Spells and Combat Arts ***

Coercer changes:
- The stifle portion of Harrowing Silence will no longer affect epic targets.

Necromancer changes:
- Death Rot, as well as other spells in the line, can now be cast by more than one Necromancer and stack on the same target.

Warlock changes:
- The range of Nihilism is now 20 meters instead of 10 meters.

Wizard changes:
- The range of Frostshield is now 20 meters instead of 10 meters.

*** Commands, Controls, and User Interface ***

- The scroll bar in the member list of the Guild window works again.
- Tooltips will no longer cause a crash after using /loadui.

*** UI Files Updated ***

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