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Update Notes
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Update Notes : 10/22/2005 7:00 AM

*** Desert of Flames ***

- Nhjela's tome can be read by those who have completed her quest, "The Mad Poet." If you've completed her quest and are unsure where to go next, the journal now gives you another clue.
- Players who were stuck outside of the Peacock Club after leaving by other means than the door inside can now reenter the zone to complete the final stage.

Zones and Population
- The servant's entrance door knockers in the palaces of Truth and Coin have been fixed.
- Mender Ahman has returned to duty in Maj’Dul

*** Quests ***

- "Jumjum for the Soul" will now have a chance of updating on any bixie in Drafling Tower.

*** Spells and Combat Arts ***

- Melee or ranged combat arts will now correctly turn on the corresponding auto-attack.

*** Tradeskills ***

- It now takes less tradeskill XP to gain levels as an artisan.
- The bonus previously given to tradeskill XP has been converted into these shorter tradeskill levels.
- You may notice that you are logging in with more tradeskill experience than you had when you last logged out.
- If you have feedback on the somewhat faster pace of tradeskill advancement, please feel free to comment on the General Tradeskill Discussion board: url
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