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Update Notes
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Update Notes : 11/30/2005 7:00 AM

*** Headlines ***

- Purpose tags explain NPC roles at a glance!
- Adventure writs added for high-level players!
- All characters now run faster!
- The Ruins of Varsoon now offers improved challenge and loot!
- Lots of armor pieces have updated appearances!
- Change the size of your hotkey icons to save (or take up more) screen real estate!
- UI modders can more easily track changes to the user interface!

*** Join the EverQuest II Guide Program ***

Hail and well met, fellow citizens of Norrath!

Have you traveled the lands seeking new adventures? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to don a mask and adventure behind the scenes? Does the thought of entertaining others by telling a story or weaving an adventure appeal to you?

The EverQuest II Guide Program is looking for more energetic individuals to help us bring more fun and adventure for everyone to enjoy. We're growing and changing, but we can't do it alone. We need your help to bring even more magic to the world of Norrath!

Ready to join us? Step forward and fill out an application today!

*** Purpose Tags ***

- All-new purpose tags now show you at a glance what services an NPC provides or what role they have in Norrath.
- The purpose tag is visible beneath the NPC's name.
- Asking a guard to help you find an NPC will now allow you to search according to purpose tag. For example, you can search by "mender" to find a mender.
- Currently, purpose tags exist for the following types of NPCs, and more will be added in the future: Banker, Spell Scrolls, Combat Arts, Advanced Tradeskill Recipes, Court Treasures, Arcane Scientist, Dismal Rage Priest, Freeport Militia Officer, Seafury Buccaneer, Concordium Mage, Tunarian Alliance Grove Warden, Qeynos Guard Officer, Celestial Watch Priest, Guard, Bartender, Barmaid, Mender, Shieldsmith, Alchemist.

*** Writs ***

- Adventure writs have been added that target level 50 to 55 creatures. Characters level 45 and higher can obtain these writs.
- There are writs available for both soloers and groups.
- Writs completed for one city faction no longer decrease your standing with other city organizations. More extensive changes to city factions are planned for a future update.

*** Dungeon Exploration ***

The Ruins of Varsoon
- Many existing named encounters have been changed, and the treasures gained by defeating them have been improved. Loot will be unique to each named rather than shared across a global drop table.
- New items have been created that will drop from some of the named encounters. They also have a chance to drop rare crafting components.
- Named mobs tend to have recognizable placeholders. While named encounters are still rare spawns, in many cases they will be seen more often.

*** Desert of Flames ***

- There is no longer a delay between the steps involved in the El'khazi's Carpet quest series.
- The reward for the El'khazi's Carpet quest series has been increased in speed.
- Groups can now zone into the Samiel Pirate boat instance with only one player on the quest, "An Ancient Desert Power."
- Level 60 characters can now obtain keys from the sweepers.
- Players who had previously completed "Into the Past" and sold the reward can now receive the updated reward by speaking with Siraj al Din in the Pillars of Flame.

Zones and Population
- Travel carpet locations no longer require you to own a carpet to use them.
- There are now separate scroll vendors inside each court's headquarters for selling spell scrolls and combat arts.
- Some of the more powerful cyclopes in the Pillars of Flame have decided to retreat to their overly large homes.
- Certain named creatures in Desert of Flames have been adjusted to provide a challenge for soloers and groups of the appropriate level, where they may previously have been overpowered in many cases but underpowered in a couple others.

- Some of the fabled armor from Desert of Flames now has a more colorful appearance.
- Adept I and Master I spells should now drop more frequently in Desert of Flames zones.
- Rare tradeskill components can now be found on certain named creatures in Desert of Flames. As with the recent changes to the Ruins of Varsoon, Runnyeye, and the Temple of Cazic-Thule, the best place to get the best stuff is inside dungeons.

*** The Bloodline Chronicles ***

- The Mold Reaper in the Tombs of Night is no longer quite as hungry for your party’s power.

*** The Splitpaw Saga ***

- The Trial of Harclave quest now awards less experience per encounter defeated within the zone but more XP for completing the quest. Loot will drop less frequently within the zone. While the quest can still be completed once per level, the reuse timer for the zone has been reduced to 8 hours to allow new players more chances to gain the trust of the gnolls. The quest will scale with level from 20 up to a maximum of 50.

*** Veteran Rewards ***

- All existing Wands of Restoration granted as Veteran Rewards have been replaced by Field Repair Kits, which allow you to repair damaged items anywhere. One charge of a Field Repair Kit is equivalent to visiting a mender.
- The number of charges you had remaining on your wands will be carried over to the kits. For example, if you had used 2 of the 3 charges on a Wand of Restoration, you will now have a Field Repair Kit with one charge remaining.
- If you have already claimed and used all the wands you had available, you cannot /claim any additional Field Repair Kits. The kits are replacing the wands; they are not being granted in addition to them.

*** Gameplay ***

- The base speed at which all player characters run has been increased. This makes mounts and run-speed buffs have an improved overall effect as well. Happy feet (and horsies)!
- Spirit shards no longer drop upon character death. Items still take damage, and experience debt is now applied at a consistent percentage across all levels. The maximum amount of XP debt a character can accrue is 50%.
- Other group members no longer gain hate when one member aggros or engages an encounter. If the party member who attacked or aggroed a creature dies or feigns death before others in the group do something to generate hate, the encounter will break instead of attacking the other group members. Please note that certain very wise and powerful opponents will still know everything they need to about your raid force and will act accordingly.
- Characters level 52 and above should now correctly receive skill increases at mini-dings.
- Level 60 characters can now work off XP debt.

*** Quests ***

- If you've deleted any of the tomes in the Enchanted Lands' solo Leatherfoot Tales series, speak with Deputy Stoutgut to get a piece of his mind!
- Leelee Brewbubble in Zek, the Orcish Wastes is a little less strict about who she will let gather reagents for her.
- The Heart of Fear quest should now properly update.
- Tarby Boulderboom can now be hailed by right-clicking him.
- Players who have finished the quest "Protect the Priest's Ship" on the Blackwater Seas boat should now receive their reward from Scholar Milnik in the Thundering Steppes.

*** Items ***

- Treasure chests will now show different contents (copper, silver, gold, or gold and jewels) depending on the quality of the treasures within.
- Mounts now hear your call sooner.
- The Guise of the Deceiver's latent power has been unlocked!
- No-destroy items used to progress heritage quests can now be destroyed. If you do decide to destroy these items, you must delete the quest in order to start over.
- Common house pets, such as dogs, cats, and pigs, are no longer flagged as No Destroy.
- Gathered orbs now have skill benefits.
- Stardust Bracelet can now be equipped.
- Broach of Silence now has a proper icon.

*** Zones and Population ***

- Most non-humanoid creatures (except where it makes sense for them to do so) no longer make use of player spells and combat arts. Instead, they have their own abilities that befit the type of creature they are. If you catch any baby deer casting Ice Comet, please let us know.
- The Sootfoot goblins have assigned a somewhat weaker sentry to patrol the entry tunnel to Lavastorm.
- There should no longer be epic x2 encounters spawning or roaming through Stormhold.
- Only one player is required to have completed the quest "Putting Maltena to Rest" for a group to enter Nektropos Castle: The Return.
- When a player zones out of the Court of Truth, their entire group will no longer transport with them automatically.
- Fish swimming in the shallow rivers of the Enchanted Lands and the Isle of Refuge should no longer break the encounter immediately when attacked. They will jump out of the water a short distance to battle you, however.
- The cursed guardian should now take the appropriate action toward Sheila Everling in Nektropos Castle: The Return.

*** Spells and Combat Arts ***

- The run speed effect from Spirit Totem of the Wolf no longer stacks with run speed buffs.
- Signet of Intuition (Enchanter), Signet of Insight (Coercer), and Rune of Understanding (Illusionist) no longer have stacking issues that prevent one buff from being cast while others from this spell line are active.
- Spells will now interrupt automatically if the target goes out of range while the spell is being cast.
- Spells and combat arts currently being cast will now land on creatures as long as they are within 15 meters or twice the spell's range when casting is complete, whichever is greater. The initial casting ranges have not changed.
- Encounters will now provide rewards if a charmed pet was used to initiate combat and the charm breaks during the fight.
- Charms, hostile AoE spells, and innate abilities such as breath weapons can no longer be reflected.
- Reactive spells that are triggered by the target's death (i.e. the Templar spell Atoning Fate) now work correctly. Previously these spells would not trigger if their target was killed by a proc.

Assassin changes:
- Concealment now has a hate reduction effect that improves with spell scroll upgrades.

Brigand changes:
- Snarl will now properly upgrade in level, and the initial snare amount was increased.

Bruiser changes:
- The proc for Roughhousing now deals damage according to the type of weapon being used.

Conjurer changes:
- Cat's Eye no longer has descriptive text referring to Turtle's Eye. Because cats != turtles.

Defiler changes:
- Spiritual Circle had its pet appearance changed into a glowing spinning object.

Illusionist changes:
- Fleeting Thoughts now greatly increases focus and casting techniques while in effect.
- Savant will no longer cause invisibility to break.

Monk changes:
- Fall of the Phoenix will no longer render pets uncontrollable after the feign has been canceled.

Mystic changes:
- The healing component of Umbral Attendant has been upgraded. Tier upgrades should now have a greater effect as well.
- Ancient Balm spell scrolls now correctly indicate the type of upgrade they provide.

Necromancer changes:
- Servile Soul should now correctly scale with level.

Paladin changes:
- Consecrate had its spell name fixed to match the spell scrolls and recipe names.
- Blessing of the Penitent will now proc an item component less frequently.
- Summoned Squires will now follow Paladins across zone lines.

Ranger changes:
- Stream of Arrows had its hate amount reduced, and hate amount reduces further with upgrades.
- A Second Ranger casting Stream of Arrows should no longer cancel the effects of the initial cast.

Shadowknight changes:
- Death March no longer causes player pets to run in fear.

Swashbuckler changes:
- Hail of Steel had its hate amount reduced, and hate amount reduces further with upgrades.
- A second swashbuckler casting Hail of Storm should no longer cancel the effects of the initial cast.

Templar changes:
- The proc from Unyielding Benediction will once again absorb physical attacks.

Wizard changes:
- Surging Tempest should be resisted less often every damage update.
- Procs from Flametongue should no longer consume the buff recipient's power.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Excellent Quality Scaled Pelts were being obtained less often than other types of level 50 legendary harvested components. They should now be found with the same frequency.
- Low green recipes should once again award experience.
- Recipes for Sylvan Touch should now appear in the correct book according to their rarity.
- Weaponsmith Essentials Volume 21 now contains Carbonite Foils and Carbonite War Axes.
- The recipe for Shadow Slip should correctly appear in the level 47 Jeweler books.
- Removed the duplicate recipes from the Advanced Tailor Volume 51 recipe scroll.
- Added a new recipe for Tin Throwing hammers to Artisan Essentials Volume 6.
- Minor Ripped Material can now be countered by Fasten, Seam, Tack, and Embellish.
- The Sage recipe for Vulian Interference is now in the level 38 essentials/advanced books to match the level that the spell is gained.
- Steel Arrow will now indicate the correct primary component that is required for the recipe.
- Jeweler Sandcloth Cloth recipe will now correctly use Jewelry special events to match the skills used to make the item.
- The Sage recipe for Intensify is now in the level 35 essentials/advanced books to match the level that the spell is gained.
- The Scholar recipe for Stinging Swarm is now in the level 11 essentials/advanced books to match the level that the spell is gained.
- The Scholar recipe for Symbol of Transal is now in the level 16 essentials/advanced books to match the level that the spell is gained.
- Changed the name of the 54 Alchemist recipe for Quelling Blow to Quelling Strike to match the name of the Combat art that it makes.
- Changed the name of the Sage recipe for Transcendent Blessing to Transcendent Grace to match the name of the Spell that is made.
- Adjusted recipe for Imbued Briarwood Bo Staff to require the correct level of fuel for the recipe.
- Adjusted recipe for Imbued Briarwood Fighting Baton to require the correct level of fuel for the recipe.
- Adjusted recipe for Imbued Briarwood Greatstaff to require the correct level of fuel for the recipe.
- Adjusted recipe for Imbued Briarwood Quarter Staff to require the correct level of fuel for the recipe.
- Adjusted the level for the recipes for Fulginate and Ebon Greatspears to be a level 47 recipe instead of a 41/42 recipe respectively.
- The Sage recipe for Suffocating Cloud is now in the level 28 essentials/advanced books to match the level that the spell is gained.
- The Sage recipe for Dark Pact is now in the level 26 essentials/advanced books to match the level that the spell is gained.
- Recipes should no longer have a chance of going from conning blue directly to grey.
- The pristine version of an Imbued Blackened Iron Crescent Axe had its name corrected.
- The recipe for Summon Shadows has been removed, as there are no upgrades for this spell.
- The Feysteel Arrows recipe will now indicate the proper primary component.
- Feyiron Greatspear is now a level 37 recipe.
- The Imbued Ash Greatstaff recipe now uses the correct fuel.
- The level 38 Sage recipe for Tellurian Veteran has been renamed to Tellurian Avenger to match the spell.
- The Imbued Ash Quarter Staff recipe now uses the correct fuel.
- The Imbued Ash Bo Staff recipe now uses the correct fuel.
- The Imbued Ash Spellbinder's Staff recipe now uses the correct fuel.
- The pristine version of an Imbued Feyiron Spear had its name corrected.
- The Scholar recipe for Smuggler's Talent has been renamed to Stay Low to match the spell.
- The Carpenter recipe for Bone Cudgels no longer indicates that it is an imbue recipe.
- Armorer Essential Volume 49 has been removed from the game, as it does not contain any recipes.
- The Paladin Brazier now has a worked quality product.
- The following Sage spells have had their levels adjusted. (,):
* Blazing Intimidation (27,30), Vile Imprecation (28,31), Flashfreeze (29,30), Accordant Spirits (43,41), Dooming Swarm (43,45), Zealot's Conviction (43,42), Abysmal Fury (44,42), Faithful Ministration (44,43), Feral Tenacity (44,41), Inferno (44,42), Ruinous Imprecation (44,45), Sylph (44,41), Transference (44,41), Baleful Efflux (45,44), Dismay (45,50), Feral Salve (45,43), Flameshield (45,50), Nihilism (45,50), Ravaged Psyche (45,50), Syphon Life (45,50), Truss (45,47), Aspect of Darkness (46,49), Clarity (46,47), Ferine Mask (46,47), Fiery Doom (46,45), FlameStrike (46,43), Heat Convulsions (46,45), Lobotomize (46,45), Ferine Elixer (47,46), and Vulian Gift (49,47).
- The stats on Tin Tulwar recipe products now increase logically.
- There is now a recipe for Sylvan Touch in Scholar Essentials/Advanced Volume 15.
- Adjusted the level and difficulty of the Craftsman recipe for Maple Wand from 12 to 19.
- Adjusted the level of the recipe for the Spell Cerebral Spasm from level 15 to level 10. It can now be found in the Sage Essentials/Advanced Volume 11.
- Adjusted the level of the recipe for the Combat Art Shadow Slip from level 33 to level 47 . It can now be found in Jeweler Essentials/Advanced Volume 47.
- Instill should now successfully counter its corresponding events.
- The Engraved Leather Skullcup recipe will now indicate the correct primary component.
- Changed the name of the level 51 imbue line of Geomancy reaction arts from Instill to Implant to avoid confusion with another reaction art with the same name.

*** Art ***

- The spell effect used in many types of heals has been replaced with a less obtrusive effect that is easier to see through.
- Legendary level 50 crafted leather armor (scaled) now has a darker tint, and the leggings no longer have skirting.
- Many items that drop in the Ruins of Varsoon have a new look.
- The following armor pieces (and some others) now have a different appearance:
* Ancient Legplates of Ro
* Ancient Vambraces of Ro
* Barbute of Glowing Runes
* Barbute of the Faithful Servant
* Benthafs Head Protector
* Blighted Ivy Leggings
* Boots of Many Shadows
* Boots of Reason
* Boots of the Devout
* Boots of the Revenant
* Bracers of Betrayal
* Bracers of Command
* Bracers of Many Shadows
* Bracers of Swirling Energy
* Bracers of the Dune Strider
* Bracers of the Lost Eye
* Cap of Ethereal Foci
* Cap of the Caliph
* Captain Feyns Chain Wristguards
* Chestguard of Swirling Energy
* Chestguard of the Revenant
* Circlet of Living Fire
* Circlet of the Spirits
* Circlet of True Sight
* Coat of the Forbidden Lyricist
* Coif of Many Shadows
* Coif of the Lost Eye
* Coif of the Shadow Stalker
* Cold-forged Barbute
* Cold-forged Breastplate
* Cold-forged Greaves of Might
* Cold-forged Gussets of Might
* Cold-forged Sabatons of Might
* Cold-forged Spaulders
* Crafted Cobalt
* Crafted Ebon
* Crimson Gauntlets of Ro
* Crimson Sabatons of Ro
* Cuffs of Ro
* Cuirass of the Daywalker
* Cuirass of the Djinn
* Dark League Coat
* Dragon Hide Skullcap
* Drape of Silent Screams
* Drape of the Revenant
* Elven Gloves of Power
* Entwood Shoulder Pads
* Envenomed Coif of Focus
* Flared Plate Spaulders of Ro
* Forgotten Gloves of the Bloodmagus
* Gauntlets of Altruism
* Gauntlets of Rejuvenation
* Gauntlets of the Pharaoh
* Glistening Scale Coat of the Nightwalker
* Glistening Scale Tunic of the Nightwalker
* Glorious Golden Gauntlets of Hyvaito
* Glorious Golden Helm of Hyvaito
* Glorious Golden Spaulders of Hyvaito
* Gloves of Subtle Strength
* Gloves of the Daywalker
* Gloves of the Undying
* Golden Dragon Scale Boots
* Golden Dragon Scale Bracers
* Golden Dragon Scale Coif
* Golden Dragon Scale Gloves
* Greaves of Paranoia
* Guardian Barbute of the Djinn
* Gussets of Deflection
* Gussets of Force
* Handguards of the Daywalker
* Helm of Ancient Wisdom.
* Helm of Dark Sanctity
* Helm of the Cursed
* Helm of the Protector
* Hyvaitos Gold Woven Shoulder Pads
* Hyvaitos Gold Woven Wristguards
* Immovable Barbute
* Knolusamuts Gauntlets
* Leather Gloves of Arazul
* Leggings of Arbitration
* Leggings of Assassination
* Leggings of Conscience
* Leggings of Eerie Foreboding
* Leggings of Enlightened Lore
* Leggings of the Coin
* Leggings of the Greenwood
* Leggings of the Prophet
* Leggings of the Unliving
* Legplates of Sphinxs Wisdom
* Legplates of the Righteous
* Lion Emblazoned Barbute
* Lion Emblazoned Gauntlets
* Lockjaw Hide Vest
* Mail Boots of the Umbra
* Mail Coat of the Umbra
* Mail Gloves of the Voidwalker
* Mail Helm of the Umbra
* Mail Wristguards of the Umbra
* Mantle of Deceiving Beauty
* Mantle of Evergloom
* Mantle of Flames
* Mantle of Many Shadows
* Mithril Alloy Gauntlets
* Mithril Spaulders of the Champion
* Nightfall Coat of the Scoundrel
* Pauldrons of Dark Prayers
* Pauldrons of the Martyr
* Prismatic Scale Boots
* Ringmail Tunic of the Mystic
* Rune Scrawled Gauntlets
* Sciminestras Handguards
* Seething Bracers of Fortitude
* Seething Leggings of Fortitude
* Shimmering Boots of the Coin
* Shoulder Pads of Natures Glory
* Shoulder Pads of the Dark Disciple
* Silver Dragon Scale Breastplate
* Silver Dragon Scale Tonlets
* Silver Dragon Scale Vambraces
* Skullcap of Precision
* Skullcap of the Dark Disciple
* Skullcap of the Night Walker
* Spaulders of Forgotten Glory
* Terror Wrought Mantle
* Totemic Mithril Helm
* Truesilver Coif
* Truesilver Tunic
* Tunic of the Lost Eye
* Tycozamoukhs Skullcap
* Vehemence Laced Handguards
* Wildwood Twisted Gloves
* Wildwood Twisted Leggings
* Wildwood Twisted Shoulder Pads
* Wildwood Twisted Skullcap
* Wish-forged Barbute
* Wish-forged Pauldrons
* Wristguards of Natures Wish
* Wristguards of the Revenant
* Zealots Pauldrons

*** Audio ***

- Jump and attack vocals will now play less repetitively.

*** Commands, Controls, and User Interface ***

- You can now change the size of the icons in your hotkey bars. Right-click on the hotkey bank, select "Set Icon Size," and use the slider to select the icon size you prefer.
- The /emote command should now correctly display your character's name.
- Charms, expendable items, and some pieces of equipment with clickable effects will now show reuse timers and distance tinting like spells do. This can be toggled on or off in the Options menu under User Interface --> Inventory --> Show recast timer for items.
- Characters created with SOGA models switched on can now correctly change their appearance. Appearance changes had been saved but were not being displayed, so after the update your SOGA character will appear with whatever changes you most recently made.
- The Factions tab on the Persona window now displays the current faction value and shows progress within the current degree of faction.
- There is a new command called /showhelm that will allow you to toggle showing a helmet or mask when lowering a robe hood via the /showhood command. This command is temporary until we integrate the two commands together into a single option.
- You can now close windows via the right-click context menu. This is especially useful if you have window frames disabled.
- The /who command will now search using tradeskill level if you specify the artisan class name. For example, typing "/who all alchemist 50 60" will no longer return the names of level 50 to 60 adventurers who are also a lower-level alchemist.
- Double-clicking a house item in your inventory will now attempt to place it.
- Clicking the item link in your chat window after harvesting a collection item will attempt to add the item to a collection in your quest journal.
- The number of house items you have placed in your house is now listed on the main house window.
- The Collect an Item window now shows icons, tooltips, and status reduction, and will indicate if items are located on the floor, ceiling, or wall.
- Item links that contain colons will now work correctly.
- The compass and clock windows now work with clickthrough enabled.
- The onscreen message window now defaults to using clickthrough.
- The login window will now allow use of the keypad for numeric entry.
- The location listed for house items should now give the correct position (wall, floor, or ceiling).
- "Rent Reduction" is now listed as "Status Reduction."
- Partial stacks of equipped items in the Charm slot can now be moved correctly.

*** UI Modders ***

- There is now better tracking for window versions in the user interface.
- /window_version will return the current version of the specified UI window.
- There is also now a new interface property that give detailed version information on UI windows: version=".."
- If the major number does not match, the window will not be displayed (e.g. if the window version in-game is 2.0.0, but your mod's version is 1.0.0, it will not display).
- If the minor version number does not match, some functionality may not work correctly, but the window will still be displayed.
- If the revision version number does not match, there was a cosmetic change to the window.
- There is a new interface properly for modder attribution and commentary that is displayed in /window_version: version_note=""

*** UI Files Updated ***

eq2ui_hud_slider.xml (new file)
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