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Update Notes
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Update Notes : 12/2/2005 7:00 am

*** Arena Champions ***

- The Forelorn Ritualist will now drop from Rathmana Allin more often.

*** Gameplay ***

- The amount of adventure and tradeskill vitality accrued per hour has been slightly reduced for mid-level players and more significantly reduced for high-level players.

*** Quests ***

- The starter item for the Screaming Mace Heritage quest now drops as corpse loot rather than in a chest.
- Finding the Valetail Stain can now be completed.
- The Clay Barrel can now be completed.
- Runnyeye Filth can now be completed.
- Secrets of Runnyeye can now be completed.
- Pick and Choose now has clearer text in the quest journal.
- Telanius Menonius Ledger now requires you to kill awaiting vessels rather than void generators.
- Girafer L'Un can now be hailed by Qeynos citizens for the Pirate Hoop quest.
- Bendl can now be hailed by Qeynos citizens for the Lost Package quest.
- There is no longer a maximum level limit for the Jezranaz's Hideous Locket quest.
- Captain Woug's quests now award the proper faction.
- The Celestial Watch group writ will now update on chancellors correctly.
- The quest title for Lieutenant D'Raka's solo writ now spells "Buccaneer" correctly.
- Lieutenant D'Raka's solo writ will now update correctly from Sul'Dal infiltrators.
- Service to the Order, Trials of Ash, Disciples Edicts, and Proving Grounds all now award more faction than they did previously.
- Sergeant Tuskin's quest, the Prophet Problem, can once again be completed successfully

*** Zones and Population ***

- Guild raids should now properly scale with players and offer fewer destination choices when zoning in.
- Many creature abilities have been adjusted or fixed. For example, most DoT spells should now wear off when a creature dies.
- The lakes of the Enchanted Lands have been stocked with large valetail trout just in time for trout season!

*** Items ***

- The Mantle of Deceiving Beauty should now have the correct appearance.
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