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Update Notes
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Update Notes : 2/03/2006 7:00 AM

*** Zones and Population ***

- The Visage of the Overlord in the Freeport Ruins will now speak a bit slower.

*** Quests ***

- Status values on writs and heritage quests should be at the correct levels.

- The level 40-50 writ givers should once again respond to players who are level 50 instead of telling them to see people who do not give out further writs.

*** Items ***

- There is now a reply choice on Tayil's Note on Outpost of the Overlord.

- Wyrmsteel weapons that were not correctly processing on Darathar should now do so.

*** Combat ***

Paladin changes:

- Consecrate will no longer damage other players.

Warlock changes:

- Netherous Realm will no longer cast on other players.

*** User Interface ***

- A movie will now play at the beginning of EverQuest II if you have the optional download turned on.

- When mouse click mode is set to Single Click Except Attack, single-clicking an enemy that hates you will no longer cause you to attack that enemy.

- The name of the zone you are entering will now display in a popup message.

- First-time home buyers will no longer see an erroneous message when purchasing a home.

- Necklaces, rings, and charms will again list their slot designation.

- Item tooltips in the merchant window now match those of items in inventory.

- Spell examine windows and tooltips will again show the spell level.

- The broker will now tell the seller the quantity sold for each transaction.

- Anonymous player names will now display in /who queries.

- Shift + left-click and drag no longer places an item link in your chat window.
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