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Update Notes
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Update Notes : 2/23/2006 7:00 AM

*** The Ulteran Spires ***

- The Gate Callers have rechecked their supply numbers and noticed that their counts for sky essence contributions might have been slightly off.
They've corrected the bookkeeping error and are resending their thank you notes!

*** Kingdom of Sky ***

- The Aviak Language Instructor and Instructor Polly now will address you in Common rather than the language they are trying to teach you.

*** Achievements ***

- Brawler: Crane Flock no longer has a weapon requirement.

- Druid: Added additional information in the Druid starter achievement to make it clearer what each shapeshift form grants.

- Rogue: Feign: is now toggle able.

- Rogue: Formation now has a shield blocking bonus.

- Sorcerer: The Freehand Sorcery (Sorcerer) achievement can no longer be cast while in the middle of a spell, as it was causing it to terminate too early and canceling out its damage benefit.

- Sorcerer: Sorcerer achievement familiars no longer have collision.

- Enchanter: Mana Flow can now be used on enemies.

*** Player-versus-Player ***

- Respawn and Evacuation areas for unfriendly players in Freeport and Qeynos adventure yards will now function as the rest of the city.

*** Combat ***

- Taunt effects for Necromancer and Conjuror tank pets will once again work against NPCs.
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