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Update Notes
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Update Notes : 2/25/2006 7:00 AM

*** Offline Consignment ***

- Offline consignment has been re-enabled.

*** Kingdom of Sky ***

- The Halo of the Scaleborn will no longer destroy itself after 3 uses. It now has unlimited charges.

- Harvestable objects in KoS zones can now be harvested with a minimum skill of 250. They still have a difficulty of 315, so you'll need to skill up on them for a bit before you start getting items regularly.

- In Barren Sky, if you kill a Blacktalon mob you will no longer gain favor points with the Strifewing. Similarly, if you kill a Strifewing, you will no longer gain favor points with the Blacktalon.

- Halo of the Scaleborn's power has been reduced.

- The Writhing Gazer Staff should no longer have a pink box appearance.

*** Achievements ***

- Executioner's Wrath's critical effect will work properly.

- Sorcerer achievement familiars are now immune to AoE spells.

- Pressure Point is now a melee attack that breaks through the enemy's defense modes.

*** Player-versus-Player ***

- Necromancer Fighter Pets: Graven Strike will no longer apply its damage multiple times when used against PvP targets.

- Necromancer: The Grisly Defense line will no longer apply its damage multiple times per attack in PvP.

- Conjuror Fighter Pets: Telluric Strike will no longer apply its damage multiple times when used against PvP targets.

- Conjuror: The Volatile Brace line will no longer apply its rune multiple times in PvP.

- /tells can no longer be sent from outside servers to PvP-ruleset servers.

*** Combat ***

- Lower quality weapons and bare fists can now hit epic targets.

- All taunts and detaunts are slightly more effective than they were before.

- Encounters should no longer break when possess minion wears off.

Brigand changes:

- The Desperate Thrust self defense penalty no longer persists after the target dies.

Coercer changes:

- Befriend and Charm now have level caps, but they work more reliably than they did before and will not break as often.

Shadowknight changes:

- The Shield Slam line now deals a higher instant hate value on the initial hit.

- The Disease Cloud line damage component now deals almost twice as much damage, so that the overall amount of hate generated is the same as a normal taunt.

*** Quests ***

- Mooshga will now recognize those who have been sent to speak to her by Captain Arellius in the Ruins.
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