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Update Notes
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Update Notes : 3/07/2006 7:00 AM

*** Kingdom of Sky ***

- Abomination creatures should now drop loot appropriately.
- Katalkana in the Halls of Fate will now behave correctly when put to sleep.
- The named creature in the Den of the Devourer will no longer reset while it is occupied.
- Planar and Mystical orbs will now proc correctly.
- Xhaviz's Robe of Glory will now proc correctly.
- Hoo'Loh's Hunting Cowl now gives a bonus to ranged rather than piercing.
- The Aggressor's Claws and Taskmaster's Gullet are now treasured instead of legendary.
- The Scale Rend on the Imbued Wurmslayer should now properly only proc on draconic targets.
- Slightly upgraded the proc on the Enspelled Vultak Eye.
- The Trials of the Awakened will now properly award level 60-70 spells instead of 50-60 spells.

*** Items ***

- The gnoll and goblin status baubles should now be working correctly.

*** Combat ***

Defiler changes:
- Carrion Bulwark's group ward is working correctly.

Fury changes:
- The Owl's Reparations group regeneration is now working correctly.

Mystic changes:
- Umbral Liturgy's group ward is now working correctly.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Ale cheese soup in a bread bowl should now provide its non-regen bonuses during combat.
- Droag scale swill will now count as a drink as and will provide its non-regen bonuses during combat.
- Flatbread fairy fondue will now provide its non-regen bonuses during combat.
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