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Update Notes
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Update Notes : 3/29/2006 7:00 AM

*** Offline Consignment ***

- Vault consignment now pays the seller (and removes the item from their vault inventory) immediately if they are logged in when the sale happens (no matter what zone the player is in).

*** Kingdom of Sky ***

- The following items had their stats adjusted to be appropriate for level 70 and/or gained health or power regen procs:
* Bloodwind Bracelet, Bloody Eye Stone, Animated Shard Necklace, Narryora Bracelet, Wandershard Earring, Awakened Bloodscale Band, Helm of the Skymaster, Spaulders of the Combatant, Bloodsplatter Gloves, Awakened Bloodscale Bracer, Awakened Scalelord Breastplate, Awakened Scalelord Gauntlets, Awakened Scalelord Helm, Awakened Scalelord Legplates, Awakened Scalelord Pauldrons, Awakened Scalelord Sabatons, Awakened Scalelord Wristguards, Tunic of Enmity Darkness, Orb of Enmity, Blade of the Despoiler, Awakened Drakescale Warblade, Staff of the Savagewing, Stoneblade of the Titan, Awakened Skycrest Doomblade, Awakened Stormwind Battlemace, Brakzars Cleaver, Skyblade of the Wingmaster, Staff of Spectral Fury.

*** Player-versus-Player ***

- PvP rewards can now be purchased in Qeynos if you have -5000 faction with the Royal Antonican Guard.

*** Combat ***

- Group illusion spells no longer use the gender of the caster. Instead, each group member will remain the same gender.
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