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Update Notes
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Update Notes : 3/31/2006 7:00 AM

*** Kingdom of Sky ***

- The Blackscale Sepulcher really should work more consistently now.
- Addressed an issue that prevented Gimdimble from giving out a replacement core sampler if it was deleted on stage 2 of the Bag of the Tinkerers quest.
- The Ravasect Mutant, the Mutagenic Outcast in the Bonemire, will reset its encounter within 30 secs after it notices it is no longer fighting. The mutant now heals itself 2% if it kills a player. Additionally, the Mindswarmer adds are no longer charmable.
- You must now be on stage 5 of the bone clasped girdle quest to use the phylactery on Do'ellin.
- An issue that prevented Gimdimble from giving a replacement rocket pack on the second to last stage of the "Bag of the Tinkerer" heritage quest has been corrected.

*** Player-versus-Player ***

- Coin gained from consignment sales will now go to the bank on PvP servers.

*** Items ***

- Merchants in the city villages and districts will now show their goods to players of any level.
- Level 50 and 60 store-bought ammo should now be labeled appropriately as indium or adamantine.
- The Mace of Red Scales will now proc correctly.
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