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Update Notes
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Update Notes : 6/19/2006 7:00 AM

*** Gameplay ***

- Lava's dangerous properties took a temporary vacation. Lava is now 100% more deadly, in that it was completely the opposite of deadly at all for a few days.
- As of Live Update #24, social creatures are a bit more challenging as they will aggro and help their friends from longer distances.

*** Player-versus-Player ***

- Exiles will now receive PvP immunity, when applicable, in city zones.

*** Items ***

- The Matron's Heart spell effect will now work properly.
- The winds of change have died down, lessening the proliferation of loose pages across the world and in the home of the societies' initiates.
- The new crafted spears and axes can now be wielded by paladins and shadowknights.

*** Quests ***

- The Shroud of the Manastone now requires boiled beaver pelts instead of sullied medium quality badger pelts, which are no longer available.
- Journal text for Spark's Aflame now correctly mentions the coal you need to obtain.
- Adventurers on the "Court of Truth: Brush With Celebrity" quest can now speak to Toro again once they've collected the items he needs to make the poultice.

*** Combat ***

- When consumed, food and drink will no longer count as a beneficial effect for spells that trigger when a beneficial effect is cast. Since that was entirely confusing, here is an example: Some spells have a chance to proc a heal if you cast a beneficial spell on yourself. Food and drink were counting as a beneficial spell, and you could repeatedly consume them for a chance to proc an effect. This will no longer occur.
- Defiler: Maelstrom: Changed self-stun to self-stifle/root, and set the duration back to 36 seconds.
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