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Update Notes
2006年06月21日 (水) 13:26 | 編集
Update Notes : 6/20/2006 7:00 AM

*** Gameplay ***

- Those on PvE servers who are daring enough to own a home in the opposing city can once again enter it.

*** Player-versus-Player ***

- The friends list on PvP servers will now clear properly when you change alignments.
- Exile level channels will now work properly.

*** Items ***

- Harvesting tools will now work with appropriate level artisan classes as well as adventure level.
- The Pristine Conditioned Magician's Staff is now a staff instead of a great spear.
- The Flowing Ring of Water can now be equipped.
- The Gleaming Edge of Tanaan can now be used.
- Ironwood Spellbinders Staves now have an appropriate appearance.

*** Zones and Population ***

- Gnorbl the Playful should be much more playful now that he no longer resets to full health when playfully summoning his playful minions.
- Treasure drop rates and the mobs associated with some items have been modified within Nizari.

*** Combat ***

- Auto-attack is back to normal.

*** User Interface ***

- You can once again search for food and drink on the broker.
- The mouse cursor will change to a pile of coins when hovering over the market board.
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