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Update Notes
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Update Notes : 6/26/2006 7:00 AM

*** The Fallen Dynasty ***

- Terracotta warriors in the monk trial instances will drop monk pebbles correctly.

*** Betrayal ***

- Players that have betrayed to an opposing city while on "On the Overlord's Secret Service" or "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" will no longer be prevented from restarting the Qeynos Claymore quest line in their new city.

*** Zones and Population ***

- The Uncaged Alzid should play nicer and not belch up mutagenic disgorgants at an accelerated rate if you fail to kill him the first time.

*** Items ***

- Qeynos city rewards no longer have a maximum guild level at which they can be purchased.

*** Player vs. Player ***

- Characters under level 10 will now have immunity in open PvP zones.

*** Tradeskills ***

- All crafted symbols should be flagged as symbols.
- All level 60 spells will provide Scintillating Dust and consume the correct level of fuel.
- Imbued Fir Fighting Batons should now do crushing damage and use the crushing skill.
- Advanced Woodworker Volume 29 recipes are now level 29 instead of 26.
- Ebon/Fulginate Tower/Kite Shields should now ask for Ashen Roots as one of their build components.
- Crafted satchels and pouches are now flagged correclty as thrown weapons.
- Beer Braised Pork should now display correctly.
- All imbued rings should now be spelled correctly.
- Sunken City now has different fishing nodes with the normal fishing harvest tables.
- Kaladim Wall Chain is now properly flag as handcrafted.
- Plain Gukta Vase is now properly flag as handcrafted.
- Cobalt Chain Boots are now flagged as chain armor.
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