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Update Notes
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Update Notes: January 15, 2005 1/15/2005 7:00 AM

*** Gameplay ***

- Mounts offered for sale to members of a guild now have a lower coin cost and a higher status cost.
- City guards will no longer ignore citizens of an opposing city.
- Bloodtalon has been seen with greater frequency in the Thundering Steppes.
- All Heritage quest rewards have been updated to be both LORE and NO TRADE.
- Taskmaster D'Zran has become less picky about the source of the skulls he is looking for.
- Seeking out the pirates for Kleron near the Behemoth Pond will now provide the proper information.

*** Spells and Combat Arts ***

- Graven Embrace should now be usable on group members only.
- Divine Intervention spells have been changed to have the following characteristics: 15 minute reuse timer, no cast time, 1 minute duration, no power cost. The reuse timer begins when the spell terminates. Different DI spells will not stack, and the chance for success varies depending the the quality level of the spell (Adept I is more likely to succeed than Apprentice II, etc.). The spells affected are: Mystic (40) - Eidolic Savior, Defiler (41) - Eerie Avenger, Inquisitor (41) - Redemption, Templar (41) - Salvation, Warden (41) - Nature's Reprieve, Fury (44) - Feral Tenacity
- Lowered the power cost of Dreadful Wrath.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Fixed grammar errors and incorrect descriptions in the wording of many reaction arts.
- The negative effect of Geology has changed from -20 to -24 to progress.
- Strengthening now increases durability from 5 to 10, and the negative effect has changed from -10 to progress to -6 to success. The power cost has been removed.
- The negative effects of Synthesis changed from -20 to progress to -6 to success. The power cost has been removed.
- Fixed misspellings of the major misalignment event (misalighnment).
- Changed the names of craftsmanship reaction events "concentrate" to be more in character: Concentrate, Consider, Contemplate, Muse.
- Recipes for Ruinous Touch scrolls have been added.

- The EverQuest II Team

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