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Update Notes
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Update Notes : 10/04/2006 7:00 AM

*** Headlines ***

- Tradeskillers can now craft in the fresh air in many city zones.

- The hand of the gods can be felt once again with two new Live Events!

*** The Hand of the Gods ***

- The power of the old gods can be felt on Norrath as the prophets of the Burning Prince and the Duke of Below seek your assistance.

- If you are fearless enough to embark upon a trial of fire, speak with Civean on the beaches of Lavastorm.

- Stout adventurers can meet Bronlor Stormhammer outside of Blackburrow to serve the Duke of Below.

*** Crafting: No Longer Just Underground! ***

- Have you ever wondered why poor crafters have always been forced to forge their creations in the damp, dark reaches of Norrath? Blame the gnomes!

- Tradeskillers will now find crafting stations placed throughout their home cities.

- Now you can display your skill to all your potential customers, without having to work in cramped quarters.

*** Tradeskill ***

- The Ironforge Exchange and the Coalition of Tradesfolk will now sell Tradeskill Writ Clipboards for use in your home when you have achieved amiable faction with them.

- Leona Ward has checked with her suppliers and now sells the necessary fuels.

- The amount of fuel needed for rare potions/poisons that Alchemists make has been reduced from 8 to 4.

- Old tradeskill "Reagent" items can now be used as primary components in spell recipes much like Inks/Dyes.

- Dusts can no longer be used instead of normal Imbue items in imbue recipes.

*** Art ***

- All female run animations have been updated with the exception of frogloks, halflings, and gnomes.

*** Gameplay ***

- You can now find an option under Controls -> Keyboard Settings called Automatic AFK. Enabling this option will cause your status to automatically be set to AFK whenever there is no keyboard activity for 5 minutes. Using the keyboard again after this will remove the AFK.

*** Items ***

- Swapping wielded or worn items will no longer cause you to lose the benefit from both pieces.

- The Ancestral Sarnak War Bow will now work properly.

*** Quests ***

- Adventurers on the Shiny Brass Halberd heritage quest should now find owlbear meat and undead flesh much more often.

- Adventurers who have completed the Ashen Order solo quest line in Pillars of Flame, then betrayed and started the Ashen Disciples line, should now be able to complete it successfully.

*** User Interface ***

- Houses will tell you how many broker slots they have before you buy them.

- The Quest Journal will no longer expand all trees every time the player logs in or zones.

- Looking for group and looking for work at the same time will no longer confuse /who lfg.

- There is now an option to increase and decrease the font size in text and response bubbles.

- The timer display in the group quest window will now align and count down properly.

- You will now receive a notice if you have already been awarded Achievement Experience for a named NPC kill.

- Consigned items purchased while possessing a pet will now go to the pet owner?s inventory.

*** Zones and Population ***

- Plumptucket's Love summoned pet is no longer affected by pet spells.

- The Direvine Matron will no longer be affected by her own attacks that have been reflected back to her.

- All the creatures in Blackscale Sepulcher can now be effected by spells that target undead.

- The Transmogrification Elixir should be able to be used more reliably now in the Halls of Fate.
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