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Game Update
2006年11月17日 (金) 12:43 | 編集
Game Update #29 November / 16 / 2006

*** Gameplay ***

- Quests received in Butcherblock that were categorized as Miscellaneous should now be categorized as Butcherblock in players' quest journals.

- The Smokehorn Champion no longer cares about your current standing with his clan. He will accept all challengers in the name of Marr.

- Wealthy patrons in Mistmoore castle are not quite as wealthy as they once were.

- The rumbletone rapier has had its damage rating set to the correct value for being a dual wield weapon.

- Fixed an occasional crash with Lesser Faydark.

- The Segmented Rumbler in Emerald halls should now spawn the bisected rumblers correctly.

*** Tradeskills ****

- A number of minor issues with recipes and blueprints have been corrected.

- Creatures level 70 and above should now drop the correct adornment recipe books.

*** Achievements ***

- A number of minor issues with achievements have been resolved.

- You can no longer respec an achievement tree if you do not have any points spent in that tree.

*** UI ***

- The Target Window should now correctly auto resize to the number of effects your target has.

- Persona tooltips for shadowknights now correctly reflect the impact of intelligence and wisdom.

- New customers who have no characters will now see a friendly welcome screen to help get them started.
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