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Game Update
2006年11月18日 (土) 12:45 | 編集
Game Update #29 November / 17 / 2006

*** Gameplay ***

- The Achievement Reset confirmation box now more explicitly warns you that a respec only applies to the currently selected tree.

- Consignment Jewelry Boxes can now hold Cloaks.

- Level 10 society status items now grant Achievement experience when discovered, as their higher-level counterparts always have.

*** Spells and Arts ***

- Bria's Ballad now cancels properly.

*** Items ***

- Certain crafted voulges should once again be usable by Defilers, Mystics, Brigands, and Swashbucklers

*** Zones ***

- The troubling respawn tent in Greater Faydark should no longer have a small chance to respawn you inside of a sign. Really. We mean it this time.

- The Djinn bottle instance from Desert of Flames no longer acts like a roach motel for Fae and other Citizens of Kelethin.

- Some of the high damage epic creatures in Kingdom of Sky zones managed to dodge the effects of the nerf bat.

*** PvP ***

- Privus Nocte in Lesser Faydark now has the Cuirass of Frenzied Wrath available for Berserkers

- Tokens and Insignias are no longer a gaurenteed drop when defeating players in PvP combat

- Echoes of Faydwer PvP armor sets can no longer be sold back to merchants.
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