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Hotfix November / 29 / 2006

*** Gameplay ***

- Chat channels will allow you to chat freely again!
- The sign near the Sapling spur Outpost respawn location is even less sticky!
- Creature Catalog no longer causes targets to become aggressive.
- Dark Elves in the lands of Faydwer have had their coin purses filled up to the appropriate amounts, which is much higher than it was previously.
- You can once again get achievement xp when your raid has 24 members.

*** Quests ***

- Players that were given quests out of order from Rooleean in Greater Faydark should now be able to complete the quest chain.
- Former citizens of Qeynos will no longer reset their classes by speaking with the Kelethin trainers once they have completed their citizenship ceremony.
- All players who have purchased Echoes of Faydwer show now be able to enter the final instance in the quest "The Staff of the Observers".
- The event in "The Hand of Glory" quest that requires the usage of movable fish on the beach of the Loping Plains should function more reliably now.
- If you???ve accidentally deleted the sub-quests (Gogas Afadin or Ghoulbane Empowered) for "The Symbol in the Flesh" quest from your journal, Gogas Afadin and Toranim Skyblade should offer these quests back to you in the Loping Plains.

*** Deities ***

- Wrath of the Burning Prince will no longer apply on conjuror damage shield spells, or heat-based spells which do not cause damage. This change will also prevent it from dealing damage to players accidentally.
- Fixed some issues with hailing Quellious, Bayden, Bronlor, and Tychus when wishing to worship their deities again after a renouncement and already completing some of their quests.

*** Zones ***

- Freethinker Hideout: Zylphax the Shredder will no longer drop multiple vases or summon more than 6 people after a raid wipe.
- Collections should now be spawning properly in Mistmoore Catacombs.
- Signs pointing to Somborn have been added near the entrance to the Lesser Faydark in the Loping Plains.
- Jeweler Boris Vonarstein has moved into Somborn and sells fine necklaces, bracelets and rings at affordable prices.

*** Items ***

- Steamfont radishes should stack in bags now.
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