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Update Notes
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Update Notes: January 19

*** Gameplay ***

- Nektropos Castle and Deathfist Citadel now allow players more frequent access. You can enter these zones again after 2 hours on a failure and after 18 hours on a success. Please note that "success" does not mean defeating every named encounter in the zone.
- The treasure drop rates in Deathfist Citadel and Nektropos Castle have been increased.
- The Bastion of Flames event should now be working properly, and players who die inside the zone should be able to retrieve their shards.
- The amount of defense skill debuffed by the Assassin's Cripple ability has been reduced.
- The Arcane Chalice heroic opportunity can now be completed in any order instead of only clockwise. It will now target just the person who completes it instead of the entire party.
- You will now receive an error message when trying to create a guild with a name that is already taken.
- Expendable items will sell back to merchants for a reduced value if some of the charges have been consumed.
- Expendable items will show as red in merchant lists and treasure chests if the character can't use them.

- The EverQuest II Team
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