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Update Notes
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Update Notes: January 21, 2005 1/21/2005 7:00 AM

*** Gameplay ***

- The Octogorgon in the Cove of Decay will no longer break an encounter when using its lifetap ability.
- The Ring of Slime will no longer break when players outside the encounter leave the pyramid.
- Collection items can once again be found in Solusek's Eye.
- Defeating Krathuk should now provide rewards more appropriate for the difficulty of the encounter.
- Spell effects have been added to valuable treasures possessed by epic creatures in many locations, ranging from encounters in the Commonlands up through Solusek's Eye.
- The level 20 Bruiser quest armor now has a brown tint.
- Efreeti Lord Djarn will now present an appropriate challenge for those seeking to engage him. Adventurers can now properly exit from the Bastion of Flames when reaching the top of the chamber.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Added radishes to level 10 alchemy harvesting objects.
- Added wormwood to level 40 culinary harvesting objects.
- Foresting in Thundering Steppes now requires 90 skill, not 96.
- Cedar is now classified as "cedar." This should fix any recipes that call for this type of wood.
- The bone longbow recipe now looks for a bone stave instead of maple. A typo was fixed in the recipe.
- The tin plate recipe now requires one coal instead of five.
- The generic canvas pattern recipe now requires Tapa Paper.
- The ruckas cloth recipe should now ask for canvas yarn (only the thread portion needs to be the rare ruckas). The same issue existed with cloth swatch and linen cloth. Changed level 20, 30, and 40 "cloth" so that it requests two yarns made from the common ingredient rather than the rare.
- Rare potion recipes should now accept pristine tempered glass.
- The boiled leather bandolier recipe should now accept boiled cord as a component.
- The quality of steel plate now impacts the end-quality of the armor it is used to make.
- Recipes for soapweed resin, soapweed oil, and soapweed wash have been added for scholars.
- The quality of cinnamon used will now impact the end-quality of recipes that use it.
- The cuirboilli pants recipe now looks for a boiled harness and generic canvas pattern.
- The cuirboilli shoulder pads recipe now looks for a boiled cord and generic canvas pattern.
- The cuirboilli leather skullcap recipe now looks for a boiled cord and generic canvas pattern.
- Three rare Outfitter recipes (cured leather bandolier, cured leather satchel, cured leather sheath) have been removed from the Advanced Craftsman Volume 12 book and now appear in the appropriate Outfitter volume.
- The strengthened gloves recipe now looks for a Generic Rough Linen Pattern.
- The recipes for bone buckler and bone round shield now call for tanned leather cord.
- The recipe for feysteel chain boots now uses the broadcloth pattern.
- The recipes for deer sandwich, turtle soup, sunfish casserole, deer pie, deer casserole, roasted cabbage, herb crusted frog legs, basil soup broth, sunfish sandwich, and deer pasta will now accept medium grade basil as an ingredient.
- Recipes for throwing star pouches have been created for all levels and qualities. The recipes can be found in books that had existing bandolier weapons in them.
- Recipes for cudgels and clubs above level 30 have been created and added to the appropriate tomes.
- A recipe in Carpenter Essentials 49 has been renamed to clarify that it produces a Small Fulginate Militia Sconce instead of a Small Fulginate Militia Lamp.
- All recipes for throwing weapons should produce the same quantities at each quality level (5, 10, 15, 20)

- The EverQuest II Team

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