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Update Notes
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Update Notes: February 2, 2005 2/2/2005 7:00 AM

*** Gameplay ***

- The advanced solo/small group encounters introduced into Nektulos Forest, Thundering Steppes, and Enchanted Lands were more difficult than intended and have been adjusted. They should now present a reasonable challenge for well-equipped soloers and small groups of two or three players. Treasure drops have been adjusted accordingly. These encounters are indicated in the target window as solo, but can be distinguished from normal solo encounters by the NPC's name. For example, "an enraged dragoon soldier" would be more challenging than "a dragoon soldier."
- Many armor appearances and tints that were set incorrectly in yesterday's update have been corrected.
- Gown of the Spurned, Dragon Fastened Robe, and Exquisitely Stitched Robe should now have correct appearances.
- All gowns should now appear as robes instead of tunics.
- Players who die inside one of the new instanced dungeons in Orcish Wastes, the Enchanted Lands, or Thundering Steppes can reclaim their shards at the docks by right-clicking on the torch.
– The Screaming Mace will now be visible to players, allowing them to complete their heritage quest.
- Unscathed Gnoll bones can now be found in Thundering Steppes.
- Stiletto and the Lightbringer Wisp will now drop their heritage quest-related items on their corpses.
- NPC merchants no longer have any interest in purchasing your pets.

- The EverQuest II Team
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