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Update Notes
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Update Notes: February 3, 2005 2/3/2005 5:00 AM

*** Gameplay ***

- Tints have been removed from all armor pieces except for robes and the level 20 quested armor sets.
- Varsoon and the Ethereal Fiend enjoyed a brief period of wielding extreme power, but have now been returned to their appropriate level range and difficulty.
- Creatures in certain dungeons who disappeared after being pulled away from their home locations should no longer be missing forever.
- Opening bags located in the leftmost inventory slot will no longer close the house vault window, or vice versa.
- Players can once again buy items flagged as no-value from player merchants.

*** Tradeskills ***

- In order to better balance the time investment of adventurer and artisan writs, there is now a 30-minute timer between issuance of tradeskill writs. This timer begins upon accepting the writ. After 15 minutes the player can request a different writ, at which point the 30-minute timer is reset.
- Reduced the sell-back price of tempers, oil, resin, and washes. Their value is now more in line with the cost of producing them.

*** Experience ***

- We have increased the XP awarded to groups of 1 to 3 players for defeating advanced solo/small group encounters.
- The amount of XP awarded to groups of 2 or more players for defeating normal solo encounters has been slightly reduced.
- This allows soloers and small groups taking on challenging encounters to be rewarded with more XP than they would have previously earned.

*** Important Notice ***

- Characters that started the Bone Bladed Claymore quest before the 2/1/05 update may have stored items in their shared bank that are now inaccessible. Affected players should enter the command "/restore_lost_shared" in the chat window. This will move these items into the character's overflow inventory. NOTE: The character MUST LOG OUT OR ZONE before they can see the restored items.

- The EverQuest II Team
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