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Update Notes
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Update Notes: February 4, 2005 2/4/2005 5:00 AM

*** Grouping and the Con System ***

- Higher level group members will no longer take a disproportionately large share of group experience splits. Previously, when one or two group members were higher level than the group's average, they gained a much larger share of the XP than they were supposed to.
- The blue/green range has been expanded for groups whose members are not all the same level. Depending on your group's level range, even in groups as small as two, you now have more targets to choose from. Some encounters that were grey will now be green or even blue.
- Since encounter con is based on the group's level, it is conceivable that an encounter may be grey to a player while solo, but turn green when they join a group with an average level that is lower than their own.
- The blue/green range for players in their low 20s is now significantly larger, allowing them to hunt in some of their favorite spots for longer.

*** Gameplay ***

- Wisps will once again lead you where you need to go. Tracking is also back to normal.
- Corrected an issue causing the character's total AC value to display somewhat higher than it should for most classes. The AC value on your Persona window will now accurately reflect your character's overall defensive rating.
- Fixed a rounding error that caused the displayed weapon delay value to be off by 0.1 in some cases. No items were changed, and the actual delay of your weapon has not been affected. This was a display bug only.
- An issue causing Shrouded Strike to break has been corrected.
- Open bags should no longer close when zoning. The exception to this is your house vault, which will close when you leave your home.
- Ebon and Rubicite Vanguard should now have a dark ebon-like appearance, and all pieces of the set should match.
- Blouses should once again appear as robes.
- The Augurs quest rewards can now be equipped at level 27 instead of 38.
- The Ash Necklace quest should no longer crash the zone. The repair cost has been changed from 2 gold to 30 silver.

- The EverQuest II Team
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